Starting Over: Meet Esmeralda

Starting Over:  Meet Esmeralda


Starting Over: Meet Esmeralda

When Esmeralda moved to El Paso, she was in search of a fresh start. She had finally decided to leave her husband for good and was determined to give her 4 young children a better life. For two years, all was going well. Esme rented a nice house with a big yard for her kids to play in. She made a living caring for young children in her home. She had even saved up a little cushion money in case of an emergency. Then, in September of 2015, her landlord announced that he had placed the house for sale. He gave 30 days to move out, but without a home to provide childcare anymore, Esme was left with no income to support her family. Her emergency fund was quickly depleting as Esme desperately looked for a place that could house her and her children. Finally, in November, Esme was contacted by an acquaintance who said she could rent two bedrooms of her home to her. Esme used that last of her savings to pay the rent on these bedrooms, but the arrangement did not work out. The house was too small for both families to share and less than 2 weeks after having moved in, Esme found herself without a home once again.

Esm2In the middle of November, Esme arrived at the Reynolds Home and the constant smile on her face today is a testament of how much better her life is now.At the Reynolds Home, her kids have the freedom to grow into the wonderful people they are becoming. Jazmin, age 10, has a heart of service and will volunteer to help in any task that needs to be completed around the house, like putting together candy bags for a birthday party. Her twin sister, Alondra, loves activities where she can be creative. Photography is one area that sparks her interest. Eduardo is 6 and loves being active. He’s into the martial arts and spiderman. Then there’s Melody. At the age of 3, her warm personality melts any heart that meets her. She loves to dress up and will usually have up to 3-4 wardrobe changes a day.

The Reynolds Home has given Esme a safe place to raise her children while sorting through the challenges life handed her unexpectedly. She is a wonderful mother, instilling in her children that no matter what life hands you, you always have to keep your head up. And her positivity is contagious among the other ladies in the house. “I like to smile and give hugs,” she says, “because sometimes, that’s all a person needs to brighten their day.”



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