2016 Year of the Mothers

2016 Year of the Mothers

2016 Year of the Mothers


No longer homeless, No longer helpless.

Forty-four mothers looked crisis in the eye and found no escape. Their determination to face up to what each had to do rested entirely with her. One hundred and fifteen children hung in the balance and every one of them came through because of their moms’ will to thrive and survive. This happened at Reynolds Home in 2015.

It is happening now.

El Paso has the highest number of domestic violence incidents per capita than any other county in Texas. Violence is the crisis. Mothers and children, the victims. Reynolds Home MOMS are the victors. They survive and thrive because we take the crisis and the moms seriously. And they respond by taking control of their lives, getting full-time jobs, saving their money, becoming independent and capable of an active, productive life. In 2016 we honor real heroes… women that despite tough circumstances daily strive for a better life for themselves and their children.

Annual Backyard Ribeye Dinner

September 10 • 5- 8 pm

For tickets call:

Dorothy Truax: 915-274-2598
Emile Morgan: 915-633-2905
Franco Baca: 915.585-2982
Edith Ortiz: 915.856-1400

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